Empathy Riot! organizes at the intersections of mental health and injustice to challenge systems of oppression. 


We are guided by the value of self determination for all human beings. We center critical self reflection, mutual support, and intersectional political action to bring about significant change to the field of mental health care. This includes efforts to become aware of our own trauma, our own areas of privilege and oppression, and the ways our training/education has influenced our attitudes about our clients, how we frame their concerns, and the work we do with them. 



Empathy Riot! was created in response to the 2016 Presidential Election. A group of about 60 Mental Health Providers got together in Portland, OR to support each other and to start exploring what role mental health providers will play in the current and future political climate.  

Empathy Riot! is evolving from the work of 6 core organizers. We are currently providing mental health assessments for folks seeking asylum, providing emotional support at protests/direct actions, and coordinate monthly provider support groups in Portland.