April 2019


Hello friends, comrades, and community partners~ 

We've been doing some reflecting in the last month. As a core group we want to create a culture that honors complexity and reflects our collective values as community organizers, activists, and mental health providers. One place that starts is with consistently holding steadfast to anti-racist practices and keeping each other and our colleagues accountable to the ways in which we replicate systems of oppression in our personal relationships, with our clients, in our families, and in our political work. There are of course, many approaches to doing this work and we will not always get it right. We are committed to learning and critical self-reflection. It is our hope, that together, we will cultivate a large community of folks who celebrate bold and radical visions that support the mental and emotional health of our communities.  We are feeling curious and excited about the evolution of MHPU!

Check out all the upcoming MHPU and Community Partner events below.
*NOTE*  There's been a change in address for the Mental Health Worker Support Groups.  We hope you can get to one soon.   

In solidarity, 
Kirk, Karen, Nicci, Leah, Anna, and Carissa 

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MHPU! Upcoming Events

Asylum Support Mental Health Evaluation Volunteer Training 

May 4, 2019

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM PDT

DONATION: $10-$25 Goes directly to training costs and remainder will be donated to Innovation Law Lab

Register and get your Tickets here

Mental Health Worker Support Groups

Tuesday, April 16th
4115 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97217
Facilitated by Leah 

Wednesday, May 22nd
4115 N. Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97217
Facilitated by volunteers-  Karen and Anna

Addressing Race in Clinical Practice: Equity and Inclusion in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

When:  April 27th, 2019
Where:  Lewis and Clark College

This conference will address racism specifically and disparities for people of color in various professional/clinical contexts. CREDN encourages the attendees to step into their own understanding of power, privilege and biases that can and often do affect the clients we are helping.

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In 2018, the mental health organization Mad in America surveyed approximately 500 people throughout the nation about their experiences in psychiatric hospitals.

With permission from Robert Whitaker of Mad in America, Rethinking Psychiatry of Oregon and M.O.M.S. (Movement Of Moms/other Standing up together) in Washington have adapted their design to focus mostly on Washington and Oregon  to have the strongest voices in the redesign and decision making of our mental health systems.

If you have experienced hospitalization, we want to hear about your experiences.  Please share with your networks. 

Click here to take our anonymous and confidential Survey 

Open Dialogue Part 2–Skills: A More Effective Approach to Mental Health Crisis
Wednesday May 1, 2019 
232 SE 80th Ave  

Click here for more information. 

"The defense of self and of loved ones in the community is something everyone should have access to and be empowered to participate in. This is particularly true for marginalized communities who experience violence. Right now there is an intensity of state and institutional violence, including violence enacted by those who act as the state's private militia such as white supremacists, transphobes, homophobes and fascists."

About the class:  
Class is taught to the ability of those present. 

There is shower, laundry and sauna access. 
To protect yourself, those in class, the equipment and matt, please wear gym clothes (clothes only for the gym that are cleaned and washed after each use). Clothes with no buttons, zippers or pins ect). 
No shoes are worn on the mat.
Kids are welcome. There is no child care but there is semi-supervised space to play. 


June 8th 2019
Intro to Abolition and the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) for Mental Health Providers
This is a training for mental health providers to be introduced to the definitions of abolition and the PIC. We will reflect on ways in which the mental health system participates in systems of oppression, which reinforces the criminalization of Black, brown, Indigenous, houseless, trans and non-binary people. 

July 20th 2019
Empathy Riot SUMMER PICNIC!  
Let's hang out, eat good food, connect with others who are doing the work.  More details to come! 

Amidst the larger political struggles, stressors, and fears, we know you are working hard to support your clients. We may feel exhausted, numb, or like we can never do enough. These and other symptoms, affect us collectively.

Let's meet these challenges together!